Saturday, March 21, 2015

Morphine Bandit - Subtle Shift Theory (2013)

/Abstract, Ambient, Micronoise, Experimentalism, Minimalism, Experimental electronica, Drone, Sound art, Ambient drone, Post-industrial, Avant-garde, Crossover/

Comment: Morphine Bandit`s 6-track issue might seem quite austere and minimal at the first glance. The album starts off with signal-like drones which chimes almost like static noise. Later on, the issue will be slightly softened and change into abstract insights which is embellished with concomitant subtle rhythms at times. The tentacles of an eerie metallic machine used to extend across the soundscapes to carve its traces. However, by theoretical and psychoacoustic standpoint the album involves remarkably more elements – how the listener will perceive this issue? What kind of sounds used to actually exist on the album and what sort of sounds are generated by the listener`s ear? What kind of music is that actually represented on the album? Indeed, Subtle Shift Theory used to alter the listener`s perceptions throughout this course because of exploiting those very minimal changes. Very good.  
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