Friday, March 20, 2015

Ripple – Land Crocodile (2014)

/Breaks, Experimental techno, Experimental electro, IDM, Leftfield/

Comment: Ripple is the nom de plume of Daniel Craig, an Australian producer whose 4-track issue does embark on with heavy stereo effects and intricate rhythm patterns as if were a counterpoint to mathematical formulas. The rhythm patterns used to melt into blobs to lose its angular shape and thereafter re-solidify again into incisive cadent sequences. Later on, the aforementioned elements will be compounded with some aquatic, atmospheric and noisy sounds. At times the listener can enjoy artificial quacks hovering atop altered beats. Because of getting more multi-layered the result will be changed into fairly playful and amusing. You can feel a funky essence within it at times. Although it is thoroughly rhythmic music it is obviously not thought to be presented for playing on dance floors. Although it can be considered an example of intelligent dance music it does not mean it is totally a part of the style called with such title because of remarkably deviating from it. It might sound slightly paradoxically but it seems in this way. Highly pleasurable.   
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