Thursday, March 5, 2015

Maskinoperator – Synth Sprit Och CP Skador 2005-2009 (2009)

/Chiptune, Tracker music, 8-bit, Electro pop, Chipbreak, Bitpop, Alternative dance/

Comment: Maskinoperator`s 33-minute monolithic track consists of 11 different parts all of them are up there to evoke the listener`s sense of rhythms and very good time. However, because of having relied on acid fuelled yet naïve 8-bit/bitpop/chiptune propulsions the result sounds like a childish version of adult electronic music/or a kindergarten party. Because juxtaposing such seemingly contrary elements against each other the result chimes truly uncanny. It might be a way back to your childhood (even if you were not listening to such kind of music then).   
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