Sunday, February 15, 2015

The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra - ICON (2014)

/Neoclassical, Crossover, Ambient, Leftfield, Post industrial, Film noir, Gothic, Dark wave, Experimentalism, Avant-garde, Drone, Electronic/

Comment:  one is sure as shooting that The Kinoslav Studio Orchestra`s debut album pleases my ears thoroughly. However, it does not mean that all is friendly, serene and sunshiny sonorously on it. On the contrary, throughout the most of its course the US-based project conjures up melancholic and sombre landscapes which are punctuated by slowed down beats, sad cello layering, whimsical bagpipe-alike drones and eerie and manipulated electronics atop or in the midst of. Infrequently some blissful, spaced-out glimpses are to ascend, swirl and change their phases. Many sounds represented over there are remarkably processed and suppressed into the forms of otherworldly life which used to flicker and flutter. And stylistically the issue is implacable because of spitting at possibility to have the range of a certain style. The album was produced on two studios in Illinois and Iowa.                  
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