Tuesday, February 17, 2015

Chad Golda – 8IGHT (2013)

/Free folk, Freak folk, Musique concrete, DIY, Weird folk, Singer-songwriter, Indie folk, Americana, New Weird America, Folk indie, Conceptual/

Comment: Chad Golda is a singer-songwriter from Fort Collins, USA whose was erstwhile being known as a member of such Michigan-based trio as Ringo Star/starstarstar, the combo who had issued some splendid albums under Rack & Ruin Records. Upon it he embarked on solo project which resulted in some poignant experimental releases made up of free folk, psychedelic rock, noise and electronics. However, this case is up there to provide eight brand new ones which are subjected to eight different modes/ recording premises ranging from the acoustic tape, digital four track, acoustic digital, and digital drum setup to electric digital drums, digital field recordings, and electric loop setup. More profoundly, at times the listener can enjoy bare acoustic guitar strumming at times the strings are accompanied with harmonium-drenched drones and more distinctly designed rhythmic patterns (may he be exploiting the drum machine if necessary at a time?) and some concrete sounds and reverberant singing layers. If to compare it to his first solo issues than aesthetically he is calmed down. It does mean the whole includes 64 tracks in total. Indeed, it is tremendous but worth to unzip it.           
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