Sunday, January 11, 2015

Kaarel Mihk – Vaade (2014)

/Noise, Experimentalism, Psycho-acoustic, Post-industrial, Non-music, Spoken word, Space rock, Electro-acoustic, Lo-fi, DIY, Musique concrete, Avant-garde/

Comment: Kaarel Mihk is an Estonian noisenik who has issued all his 4 issues in 2014. The recent issue is part of discography of Trash Can Dance, a DIY music label from Tallinn, Estonia. Mihk`s 7-track issue used to extend from dull-coloured electro-acoustic and concrete sound blended sonic examples and restrained spaced-out and industrial drenched landscapes to more power electronic jams, straight up pink noise and piercing brown noise torrents and even hirsute guitar-induced noise rock (actually it is rather space rock) appearances. At times he exploits spoken word pieces and samples or something like that – however, those are heavily distorted and mutilated. The result is thought-provoking and upsetting being a refreshing entry into the sparse Estonian noise music scene.            
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