Sunday, January 11, 2015

►▲◣▲◣ - ◣◣((▲♥▲▲♥ (2012)

/Glitch-hop, Sampledelic, Clicks and Cuts, Avant-hop, Alternative, Glitchtronica, Experimental electronica, Breaks, Glitchstep/

Comment: It was only some months ago when I reviewed an issue by Love Through Cannibalism, a Barcelona, Catalonia residing artist. It is his side project which is remarkably more glitch-y, filled with chopped rhythms, microscopic or hushed noises, clicks, and pitched bits, however, being highly intense by its nature throughout the course. Indeed, it is a contrasty issue because magic melodies and dreamy harmonies are organically mixed up with the aforementioned sonic mould. In a nutshell, it is music on its own.            
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