Friday, December 19, 2014

The Vs – The Vs (2013)

/Americana, Alt-folk, Indie folk, Folk indie, Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock/

Comment: although all these 10 songs are written and produced by Simon Sixsmith at Black Box Studios, Utrecht, Netherlands the whole chimes like it were created rather by an American musician. It is mainly based on Americana music (having hints at country, folk, blues rock). Maybe the only exceptions are Dynamite where the trio exploits readily acid drenched organs in composing the song; the enchanting Let's Tear It Up Some seems to be proper for some southern gothic TV series. Overall, it is not surprising at all because three guys behind the musical group took a road-trip across the United State before fulfilling the release. The issue is written while staying in motels or driving the car. The result is a bunch of chirpily sounding guitar-strummed ditties.     
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