Sunday, December 7, 2014

Jim Lace/Alex Nova – Twists (2014)

/Darkgaze, Synth rock, Krautrock, Experimental rock, Leftfield, Improvised music, Psychedelic rock, Space pop, Motorik, Experimental rock, Acid rock/

Comment: this set of 7 tracks shows up an experimental approach regarding psychedelic pop and rock music. Although it is released on Pan y Rosas Discos, mainly improvised and jazz-centred music record label, this whole demonstrates how rock music should sound in its own frantic way while no abandoning its poppy touch. It starts off with darkly sounding shoegaze-y guitars and electronic undercurrents which will be jettisoned in favour of knee-deep psychedelic progressions, vocoder induced alien vocal sounds, motorik synth rock and at least guitar based improvisations. Ultimately it is an outstanding issue full of glamour and expressive strength.   
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