Sunday, November 2, 2014

Infirm Individual – Agoraphobia (2014)

/Black metal, Technical metal, Goregrind, Hardcore, Sludge metal, Synthpop, Cybergrind, Electronic pop, Crossover, Organic electronica, Mood music/

Comment: it is obviously the most challenging work by Infirm Individual who is an one-man-artist from Germany. Nevertheless how the album title suggests at the time freedom and unlimited magnitude for playing readily with disparate facets are obviously the most important premises for him. In general, different branches of metal music are interlaced with more volatile and glamorous musical strands and appearances. For instance, the opening track Draugr (The Living Dead) is an absolute teaser – I cannot remember for a metal/hardcore exemplar never before of involving sheeny synthpop and (deep) house vibes. Unebelievable indeed. However, all these abrupt shifts in mood and paces are managed in a way to hit effect unflaggingly. This 7-track album just must be heard to get the evidence of it. One is unarguably sure – I am going to add it the best albums list of mine in 2014.                  
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