Thursday, October 9, 2014

ki††y c▲t – Hold On (2011)

/Witch house, Witch wave, Trianglecore, Remix, Sampledelic, Drag house, Experimental electronica, Leftfield/

Comment: actually there is up quite little information about this artist but it is a one-man-project from Russia. Musically he is a proud representative of the so-called witch house/drag house movement. More profoundly, the style does mean crosses and triangles represented in artists` names, song and album titles. At times all of that is indecipherable or problematically discernible. Musically it is infiltrated with gloomy synth sounds similar to dark ambient profiles and semi-slamming, mid-tempo rhythms. Hold On is an outstanding issue thanks to catchy solutions in harmonies and in conveying majestic progressions over permanently changeable cadences. The album contains many “hit songs” (at least, having potential for it) – One Day Teapression, Take Me Away, Midnight Car, March of Not Very Dead, Try▲ngel. By the way, the album will be ended up by a remix of Try▲ngel. In a word, the result is a classy album worth to be remembered and listened.        
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