Thursday, October 9, 2014

fydhws - The Sound (four movements in the key of D) (2014)

/Space rock, Post-metal, Doom metal, Avant-rock, Post-rock, Epic, Experimental rock, Psych-rock, Epic, Conceptual/

Comment: fydhws is a fine example of the flourishing Macedonian underground scene during the last five years. He is an experimentalist who has issued a lot of albums by himself or in collaboration with other musicians. His soundscape used to be guitar-centered, however, at times it might be more abstract and minimal, at times more blossoming depending on a release. The recent issue of containing 4-long-track compositions is about to provide spaced-out, even dreamy guitar sounds and stunningly majestic crescendos within it. His sonic patterns are intriguing varying from repetitive, obsessive sonic tumult to more panoramic undulations. It is an up-to-date issue of nowadays progressive rock music because of incessantly drifting between the compartments of space rock, post-metal, post-rock and psych-rock. This time all the sound is presented in the key of D. All in all, fydhws` recent and foregoing oeuvre is an example of music being simultaneously heavy and wondrous, however, affording to splice suggestive explorations and outbursts with underlying technical proficiency. One of the albums in 2014. 

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