Sunday, October 19, 2014

Eluna - Trädgårdsmästarinnans Tillförlitliga Tillflykt (2014)

/Indietronica, Chamber pop, Alternative pop, Electronic pop, Cowbell indie, Modern classical, Organic electronica, Post-rock, Mood music/

Comment: Zeon Light is a decent tape music label from Sweden whose vast discography (65 articles in total) embraces lots of outstanding releases. However, Eluna`s 4-track issue is an organic blend of fine indie electronic reveries, restrained post-rock styled panoramas and echoey piano chords fuelled chamber pop/classical music insights extended by concrete music fragments here and there. Every element on it is produced in a way to be out of razzmatazz every detail on it is thoroughly bound and fixed into the entirety. Those gradual progressions constitute a sublime feel getting into the listener`s soul thereof. It goes along effortlessly, without applying any power to reach its goal (reminding of Laozi`s main postulate). Furthermore, by watching the cover of the album it will insinuate pleasant rustic perceptions inside. By kindred souls there can be drawn parallels upon the likes of Oskar Hallbert (Sweden), and So I`m An Islander (Denmark), for instance. In a nutshell, it can be said the result is fascinating and wondrous at any point of its course.            
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