Monday, September 29, 2014

Kent State/At The Heart Of The World (2012)

/Psychedelia, Fuzz pop, No Wave, Alternative rock, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Rhythmic noise, Black metal/

Comment: this album includes 2 issues by two different musical groups, the first of them providing exulting psych-pop and fine fuzz pop numbers. Indeed, it is a way of how one proper rock band should sound being influenced by sweet and tears of black blues guys. Although Kent State`s aesthetics is otherworldly beautiful it seem rather be influenced by gloomy locations worldwide, for instance, Death Valley, which locates quite close to their home city Los Angeles (though I can remember for the band`s frontman Nicholas Vance is/was closely bound to Baltimore either). At The Heart Of The World reveals something fairly gorgonizing because of changing those aforementioned spherical guitar harmonies for truly silly, angular noise structures full of violent screaming and abrasive feeling of angst. To perceive contrast by outpacing the borderline between those groups is inevitable. More profoundly, it is a tight mix of rhythmical noises, No Wave aesthetics and extreme metal facets. By kindred souls it can be compared with Black Dice, for instance. This split release is highly recommended!             

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