Thursday, September 11, 2014

Delhotel Records: Club Comfort Remezclado (2009)

  • Indietronica
  • Alternative pop
  • Leftfield
  • Remixes
  • Electro pop
  • Alternative dance
  • Robot pop
  • Electronic pop
  • Chillwave
Comment: this set of 10 tracks involves both original and remixed ones and some reworks, however, all thoroughly rotating around Roberto Polo and Sergio Treviño aka Dj Queco`s collaborative project Club Comfort. Club Comfort`s original sound is based upon gritty indie electronic, volatile chillwave tuning, and electro pop progressions, however, remix makers will make it amenable to more diverse electro pop and stroboscope-lighted and autotuned robot pop touch. The remixers on it are the collective`s label mates like Mersey Hot Springs, DJ Golonsh, Sr. Amable, White Ninja, and Mockingbird. The issue includes enough of highlights to be deemed a top notch. The godfather of the release is an excellent Mexican experimental pop/rock label, Delhotel Records.         

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