Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Cybernetika – Solar Nexus (2014)

  • Breakbeat
  • Jungle
  • Psybient
  • Alternative dance
  • Crossover
  • Kosmische Musik
  • Chill out
Comment: in fact, what we could expect from an album which is entitled Solar Nexus? Indeed, it should filled with sci-fi sounds, to be at least a little bit murky and brooding, full of spacey sounds and feeling of alienation as if you have been a space traveller very far from the Earth for years. If we consider another fact the recording platform comes out from Ektoplasm that it should point out psychedelic trance and ambient blended sounds. In reality, all these elements are represented on Cybernetika`s 9-track release, though, it is probably the most stormy issue I have ever heard under Ektoplasm. More profoundly, those glacial-alike reflections and imposing sonar beams and trance-y rhythms and melodic layers are tightly mixed up with breakbeat and jungle-near cadences and corroded robot voices. In a word, Cybernetika`s recent sound emits nearly like an antidote for traditional New Age music. Last but not least – the coverprint is eye-catching. Recommended.
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