Sunday, August 24, 2014

Bongley Dead – Demo "3" (2014)

  • Alternative pop
  • Indie rock
  • Dance rock

Comment: undoubtedly this 9-track issue is a nice listening session because of providing catchy hooks in guitar playing, dashing paces and joyous melodies on the top. Actually it is the first aspect regarding the Italian quartet`s music which seems to be influenced by the so-called easycore (pop punk) groups. The other aspect is remarkably gloomier and spectacularly nervous, however, reminiscent of Sonic Youth`s anguished guitar chords and Thurston Moore`s singing manner loaded with pre-millennium tension. In conclusion, despite the polarity of the aforementioned phenomena in a theoretical plan Bongley Dead is able to melt them seamlessly into each other. Last but not least- the favourite notch of mine is Razor which shows up a suggestive, dance-appealed gear in the middle of bruising guitars.      
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