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Casque-T-êtes - Casque-T-êtes (2010)

/Avant-garde, Psych-folk, Chamber music, Dream folk, Musique concrète, New Weird Canada, Experimentalism, Avant-folk, Freeformfreakout, Noise/

Comment: Montrèal-based combo`s release is stunningly obscure, demented psych-pop music as if produced by the members of Sonic Youth stayed on a heavy dope trip. The quebequers glitch-esque/electro-acoustic abrasiveness is interwoven with chamber-based progressions and spatial concrete sounds, which at times will be evolved into sublime French-sung (in fact, one of them is in English as well) folk ditches filled in with dreams and recherche noise/folk/ambient cross-breeds containing shitloads of "errors" in between. In conclusion, it is an example of cosmic youth indeed.