Thursday, June 11, 2015

The Tinopener's Art - Pure Elektronik Part 1 (2012)

/Robot pop, Remix, Experimental electronica, Tekno, Trance, Alternative dance, Electro pop, Leftfield, Mood music/

Comment: Tinopener`s Art is a musical project from Munich, Bavaria, Germany whose issue is a sort where electronic sonic art meets emotive odds and ends. It embarks on with a habit-forming electro pop song where robot dance and sing at the same time. Later on, Nanomaster evolves into a more trance-y territory with catchy rhythms and slightly dreamy synth crust atop. Actually the expression “German trance” was a pejorative one for 15-20 years ago but the recent one clearly deviates from it. LuckeEnHouse`s trance mix is a more straightforward yet self-ironic composition due to bouncy cadences and diverting cheers with regard to the previous track. Later tracks represented on the 6-notch issue are quite similar though variegating in mood and rhythmic nuances, however, conveying a plentiful back-up of spacey sounds throughout the course. Grab it!
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