Thursday, June 11, 2015

Soy Robot - Sensibles y Binarios (2011)

/Electro-indie, Alternative pop, Krautrock, Big beat, Indie pop, Garage rock/

Comment: Soy Robot is a one-man project from Monterrey, Mexico and it is a proper time to remember again this overtly underrated and obviously forgotten issue. More profoundly, it is a blend of shimmering synths, atmospheric guitars, dynamic rhythms, elegantly shuffled noises and Spanish sung vocals. Stylistically this 8-track but short-running issue ending at 15.26) does have its place somewhere within the electro-indie pigeonhole yet having some hints to elsewhere either (big beat propulsions at Me, garage rock infused guitars at El, neokrautrock induced motorik beats at Asi, and Hecho, hazy yet relaxing sonic vectors at Han). Additionally to stylistic diversity the listener can perceive much air oozing out of those sonic configurations thereby conveying the sense of freedom. Let´s dig it out. 
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