Thursday, August 21, 2014

[Teaser of the day] The Fucked Up Beat - Sleep Onset Room 22/ Mrs. Denton on Dooomsday

  • Avant-garde
  • Hypnagogic pop
  • Exotica pop
  • Hauntology
  • Sampledelic
  • Cinematic

Death By Snoo Snoo - Pentutehdas

1-BIT WIZARDS - The Journey Begins (2013)

  • 1-bit
  • Chiptune
  • Chipbreak
  • Bitpop
  • Psychedelic electronica
  • Primitive electronica

Comment: this compilation of 13 tracks is a short-running one (ending at 34.12) involving such artists as Fluidvolt, Factor6, Irrlicht Project, Warlord, Mind Body, Shiru, Mister Beep, and TDM. More profoundly, the formula seems to be quite simple – the artists provide 1 bit based sonic figures – the fine-grained interaction between brisk rhythms and catchy melodies thus constituting a decent whole. Furthermore, the listener can detect for various audible cognitions and experiences being acquainted with already and new ones at the same time.      

Gain – Entropia (2014)

  • Hard rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Post-grunge

Comment: the Catalan-based Gain`s third album Entropia is a clear-cut hard rock album in principle. Indeed, the group gushes out powerful energy, shows large muscles and reflects upon hidrotic skin. Beside obvious hard rock influences the listener may perceive some buried (post-) grunge draughts. Maybe Testigos del Abismo is managed in a way to get ornamented with some more obscure aspects (reminding a little of Sonic Youth-alike guitar alchemy here and there). There is also up Escapismo which incorporates some quadrangular patterns of math rock. A title, Kaksipäinen Varis is in Finnish. Is it about the former langlaufer Kaisa Varis and her affairs with the blacklisted medicaments? However, they used to sing in Catalan.     

Beastplague – Beastplague (2014)

  • Brutal metal
  • Grindcore
  • Extreme metal
  • Powerviolence
  • Hardcore punk
Comment: one of the most significant and prolific extreme metal platforms worldwide Torn Flesh Records provides an extremely short-running issue of 10 tracks produced by Beastplague. The longest track exceeds a little bit at 1 minute, the shortest one finishes off at 29 seconds. Nevertheless these total 8 minutes are highly intense imbued with heavily bashing drum series and cascades, outstretched bare-faced angriness in vocal layers and boosting guitar noodling. Stylistically Beastplague`s album has its place somewhere between hardcore punk, powerviolence, and grindcore. Moreover, the titles are pointing and meaningful – Ruined, Castration, No Future, No Past, An Evolution Of Violence, Glorified Rottendom. The coverprint is also great - is it Robert Smith with the mummy?      

God Hates Sunday - Go To The Pure Land (2013)

  • Neoclassical
  • Darkwave
  • Neofolk
  • Ambient
  • Ambient folk
Comment: this 8-track outing is predominantly melancholic and restrained providing hyper-realistic atmosphere and slowly ascending and descending guitar arpeggios or hypnotically repeated chords here and there; there are presented some lyrics from ancient writings (Bodhidharma, for instance) and an exclusive remake of Tim Buckley´s Song To The Siren. Despite there is no action over there the result is suggestive and striking. In the first place, the album is meant to be submitted to the fans of neofolk/neoclassical, and ambient music

Wednesday, August 20, 2014

[Teaser of the day] The Easton Ellises - Artificial Joy

  • Dance rock
  • Alternative dance
  • New Rave
  • Electro-indie
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