Monday, September 29, 2014

[Teaser of the day] The Pheromoans - Hearts Of Gold

  • Alternative rock
  • Post-punk
  • Indie rock
  • Art rock

[Teaser of the day] Daniel Maze - Treehugger

  • Glitch soul
  • Cinematic
  • Experimental electronica
  • Avant-soul
  • Sampledelic

Dino Felipe - Audio Illusions

Kent State/At The Heart Of The World (2012)

/Psychedelia, Fuzz pop, No Wave, Alternative rock, Avant-rock, Experimental rock, Rhythmic noise, Black metal/

Comment: this album includes 2 issues by two different musical groups, the first of them providing exulting psych-pop and fine fuzz pop numbers. Indeed, it is a way of how one proper rock band should sound being influenced by sweet and tears of black blues guys. Although Kent State`s aesthetics is otherworldly beautiful it seem rather be influenced by gloomy locations worldwide, for instance, Death Valley, which locates quite close to their home city Los Angeles (though I can remember for the band`s frontman Nicholas Vance is/was closely bound to Baltimore either). At The Heart Of The World reveals something fairly gorgonizing because of changing those aforementioned spherical guitar harmonies for truly silly, angular noise structures full of violent screaming and abrasive feeling of angst. To perceive contrast by outpacing the borderline between those groups is inevitable. More profoundly, it is a tight mix of rhythmical noises, No Wave aesthetics and extreme metal facets. By kindred souls it can be compared with Black Dice, for instance. This split release is highly recommended!             

Morceaux d'Ekumen / Pieces of Ekumen (2006)

/Avant-garde, Electro-acoustic, Crossover, Acousmatics, Post-rock, Experimental electronica, Glitchtronica, Folktronica, Organic electronica/

Comment: this exclusive 7-notch issue properly measures up to because of providing a sublime shift between electro-acoustic developments, folk-y dregs, borderline post-rock, glitch-y electronica and concrete music territories. The compilation demonstrates of how predominantly electronically produced music can be gentle, majestic and beatific affecting profoundly the listener`s heart and soul. The impact seems to be romantically soaked, however, following the idea of how could it be possible to bring forth more acuity in sonic details and in interactive relations. Moreover, it might be true that machines and electronic devices breathe and perceive on it. It is obvious that the total sum of it overcomes a sum of its particles and premises. There are represented such Quebec/French-Canadian artists as Milliseconde Topographie, 1 her(t)z, Urban9, Nicolas Bernier, Jacques Poulin-Denis, Jean-Francois Dessureault, and Delphine Measroch. Listen to it!

Cldscp – Menso Freakfolk (2010)

/Lo-fi, Freak folk, New Weird Argentina, Cover, DIY, Primitronica, Toytronica, Weird folk, Trip-hop, Free folk/

Comment: as the title expressively suggests this 8-track issue is about freakiness and folk music, however, these nouns and adjectives are closely related to each other. Additionally, the Argentinian-based duo`s music used to incorporate yet many stylistic elements to create the crunchy outcome. Andy and Leopo used to exploit a wide array of more or less conventional instruments and concepts which extend from the utilisation of accordions, ukuleles, basses, Casio Tonebank-series synths to toys, beat-boxing, abraded electronica and few 8-bit music/video game snippets, and concrete music samples. Very likeable is Leopo`s singing filled with gentle flickers and vulnerable flutters. Beneath layers produced with the aforementioned instruments do throb skiddy trip-hop paces. Unchained Melody is a cover of Presley`s most famous song. By kindred souls the duo`s music can be compared with the sonic aesthetics of the sisters Cassady. The result is childish yet spiritedly conveyed.             

Saturday, September 27, 2014

[Teaser of the day] DJ Quest - Time Off

  • Digital soul
  • Club dance
  • Acid jazz
  • Chill out
  • Sampledelic
  • Mood music
  • Breaks
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