Friday, December 19, 2014

[Teaser of the day] Hyperreality - Depth Charge

  • Dub techno
  • Tech-dub
  • Deep techno
  • Deep dub
  • Tech-house
  • House

[Teaser of the day] Chinese Cookie Poets - 05

  • Alternative dance
  • No Wave
  • Dance rock
  • Leftfield

Semper Sessions - Transmissions

Semper Sessions - Transmissions from swing studio on Vimeo.

Mild Bang - One Million EP (2010)

/Tech-house, Electro house, Club dance, Dub house, Remixes, House, Deep house/

Comment: One Million EP consists of 4 tracks, one of which is an original one and the rest ones are the remixes of it. The original track is a catchy, minimally ornamented dub-drenched house progression. By the remixing activity, it stylistically extends from highly suggestive electro bumpy house and obsessive tech-house vibrations to flourishing synth propulsions or wind instrument based motives full of sheeny glamour and dynamic refreshment. There are represented such remixers as Obando, Alberto Santizzo, Low Deep. In a word, shake your hands and thrust your pelvis forward. Very good.

The Vs – The Vs (2013)

/Americana, Alt-folk, Indie folk, Folk indie, Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock/

Comment: although all these 10 songs are written and produced by Simon Sixsmith at Black Box Studios, Utrecht, Netherlands the whole chimes like it were created rather by an American musician. It is mainly based on Americana music (having hints at country, folk, blues rock). Maybe the only exceptions are Dynamite where the trio exploits readily acid drenched organs in composing the song; the enchanting Let's Tear It Up Some seems to be proper for some southern gothic TV series. Overall, it is not surprising at all because three guys behind the musical group took a road-trip across the United State before fulfilling the release. The issue is written while staying in motels or driving the car. The result is a bunch of chirpily sounding guitar-strummed ditties.     

Radikal Satan – Clochette (2010)

/Avant-garde, Crossover, New Weird Argentina, Tango, Sampledelic, Experimentalism, World music, Apocalyptic folk, Industrial, Drone folk, Spoken word, Dark folk, Neoclassical, Improvised music, Neofolk/

Comment: Radikal Satan is a duo from Buenos Aires, Argentina who has issued a bunch of albums since 2003. More profoundly, this 5-track release is unquestionably radical due to the artist`s keenness to lace organically ominous folk progressions with gothic concrete music snippets and brooding industrial panoramas. “Folk music” does mean both “world music”, and “dark folk music” in the recent context. For instance, concertina`s drones are juxtaposed against anguished vocal progressions and emphasized spoken word rows and bold double bass chords to express his feelings and senses. At times Radikal Satan`s sound makes progress into exulting tango grooves which is simultaneously unbelievable and very welcome. All in all, the result is truly impressive igniting for next steps to explore the whole discography by this artist.           

Coeval – Distante (2005)

/Ambient drone, Soundscape, Avant-garde, Dystopbient, Organic electronica, Dark ambient, Improvised music, Musique concrète, Experimental electronica, Noise, Experimentalism, Illbient, Abstract, Glitchtronica/

Comment: this 6-track issue was initially just one long-running track performed at Sonar in Barcelona, Catalonia in 2005. The result is outstanding due to abstract droning, thought-provoking sonic phasing, exploitation of different materials and field recordings to create genuine sonic patterns and innovative sonorous landscapes. Some sounds on it chime like deeply buried ones coming forth from underground mazes and ornamented with glitch-y noises, signal-alike sonic pulsations, and overwhelming vibrating effects. Emotionally Juan Carlos Blancas` compositions used to sway between abstract and evil-sounding, however, giving no fuck to the listener. Is it a soundtrack for the abandoned wastelands and landscapes? All in all, it is a great shit for your pleasure.             
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