Saturday, August 18, 2018

[Teaser of the day] Leon der Rote - Nordic Jam

  • Improvised music
  • Neoclassical
  • Experimental rock
  • Ambient
  • Dub rock
  • Crossover
  • Neofolk
  • Avant-rock

Artist: Leon der Rote
ReleaseVon Aussen Sehen
Year: 2018

[Teaser of the day] Quine Ghost - Nasca Texture

  • Psychedelic pop 
  • Electronic pop
  • Art pop
  • Breaks
  • Urban music
  • Digital soul
  • Post-pop

Artist: Quine Ghost
Release: Dragoon
Label: Bunkai-Kei
Year: 2015

[Teaser of the day] R. Lobster - Inlet

  • Drum and bass
  • Electronic music
  • Alternative dance
  • Dream and bass
  • Crossover
  • Progressive house
  • Jungle
  • Breakbeat

Artist: R. Lobster
Release: Particles
Year: 2013

[Teaser of the day] Glintsik - Red Bush

  • Sampledelic
  • Trip-hop
  • Lo-fi
  • Mood music
  • Hip-hop
  • Psychedelic
  • Nu jazz

Artist: Glintsik
Release: Butter Dream LP   
Year: 2017

Toupe Mapeto – Unreleased Work Collection 1 (2018)

  • Breakcore 
  • Electronic music 
  • Rhythmic noise 
  • Digital hardcore 
  • Breakbeat 
  • Power electronics 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Post-industrial 
  • Industrial techno 
  • IDM 
  • Sampedelic

Comment: THAGKIA aka Toupe Mapeto cannot be considered a classical representative of the so-called Japanese noise movement because those harsh peaky sounds are just a mere element in the artist`s sound. It may be more clearly said Toupe Mapeto is just (a bit) influenced by it. Of course, it is intense and mind-provoking yet it is more based on more clear-cut yet powerful rhythms full of bass frequencies, cut-up rhythmic patterns and occult noises. Yeah, the description may be a main theme though it is surrounded by a thousands of dodges, electronic effects, collisions and “erroneous” sounds. Unreleased Work Collection 1 as one part of the digital hardcore and breakcore movement is certainly a propulsive power within the so-called acceleration philosophy, having the anti-capitalist intention. As you can hear from this set of 14 tracks many of them involve magnified poppy inclinations (mostly towards IDM shuffling) yet being surrounded by nihilistic sonic trash, slightly out-of-context samples, destructive impulses and broken orbit below them. All the “beautiful” is contradicted by some “ugly” simultaneously. For instance, 00253 is even highly psychedelic due to the main catchy repetition. At 00260 you it can be heard broken and then pushed together tectonic rhythmic debris being embellished by the atmospheric upper layer. These fabulous 61 minutes are released on MiMi Records. Let's wait for a sequel to it.

Friday, August 17, 2018

Co-Op – Neighbours (2015)

  • Soft rock 
  • Yacht rock 
  • Electronic 
  • Jazz rock 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Crossover 
  • Art pop 
  • Mood music 
  • Improvised music

Comment: this bunch of three tracks by Toronto, Ontario, Canada-based Oreste Camarra and his guest and neighbour Marcus Wong (who plays guitars) is a fine amalgamation of poppy electronic music, yacht and jazz rock shreds. The motives represented over there used to run in repetition thereof creating somehow compelling yet enchanting mood (Oak and Eli). Yet the other two tracks have been set out to run in a more variegated feel. I would like to praise the guitar play by Marcus Wong because it is the main propulsion in different penumbrae and shades and flickers in different strength and atmosphere. I would like to call it a contemporary version of soft rock because its intention apparently is not to overwhelm the listener with crushing riffs and volume but creating a subtle mood around his/her head (at the same time you have no chance to reject the technical adeptness of the release). By the way, the tracks are long (the shortest one clocks in at a 6-minute) so you nevertheless discern the impulse of an improvised format. The issue is a part of the discography of basic_sounds. Great stuff.

la corporación – rerum novarum (2017)

  • Improvised music 
  • Electro-acoustic 
  • Electronic music 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Live

Comment: this set of 5 compositions is the demonstration of female power by Amanda Irarrazabal, Cecilia López, and Cecilia Quinteros who play a synthesizer, a double bass, and a cello, respectively. In fact, this handful of tracks could be considered one lengthy track as well because the theme and formal appearances are the same. Formally throughout a 31-minute it chimes like the big shriek of a rusty door moving from one side to the other one. At times those short atonal splashes and shrieks will progress into drones. It does have a bit ivory tower effect upon me due to having drawn-out encapsulated and buried moves while providing a few progressions and a monochromatic timbre only. I could imagine if it was heard by the bourgeoisie most of them would consider it as weird, and irrational yet having been performed in a buttoned-up place they would think of it as put up for them and thereafter forget it by going home. It was recorded live on August 24, 2017 at Cuatro Tres, Buenos Aires, Argentina. The issue is a bit in the discography of pan y rosas discos.

Wednesday, August 15, 2018

[Teaser of the day] aboredghost - P O R Q U E N Ã O E X I S T E N Ó S

  • Chillwave
  • Alternative
  • Electronic
  • Hypnagogic pop
  • Dreamwave
  • Glo-fi
  • Indietronica

Artist: aboredghost
Release: aboredghost 
Year: 2018

[Teaser of the day] Riccardo Cirani - The Unread Vision

  • Ambient rock
  • Experimental rock
  • Electronic
  • Improvised music
  • Minimalism
  • Art rock
  • Progressive rock
  • Avant-rock

Label: Laverna
Year: 2018

Gilman Mom – Revisionist History (2018)

  • Ambient pop 
  • Field recording 
  • Yacht pop 
  • Electronic music 
  • Crossover 
  • Organic electronica 
  • Chillwave 
  • Musique concrète 
  • Glo-fi 
  • Mood music

Comment: you can see milky clouds, you can hear blissful sounds coming out of these milky clouds. It does mean a revisionist history because it represents something being somewhere between chillwave music/glo-fi and yacht pop and ambient pop. In fact, the formula is even more complicated due to all of that is interspersed with concrete sounds and incremental spoken word spans. Moreover, the sort of ambient pop and yacht pop represented over there used to hark back to the 50s and 60s while some high-minded geeks started to produce space-related avant-music and totally relaxing tiki music. Is it paradoxical or not but the more you listen to this borderless music the more definitive it will be. By its atmosphere. The music which used to sound ahead of its time even today. In a word, Gilman Mom provides lofty sonic adventures of having no time and space. That`s the history existing always and everywhere as an invisible necessity or need. Top tier. The issue is a part of the discography of Macaque Records.
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