Saturday, November 1, 2014

[Teaser of the day] God Hates Sunday - All Comes Out In Perfection

  • Neoclassical
  • Ethereal wave
  • Ambient drone

[Teaser of the day] Dahga Bloom - Space Is The Place

  • Space rock
  • Experimental rock
  • Avant-prog
  • Psych-rock

Zoran - A Dream Within A Dream

Huyk – Vacu Sessions 32 (2013)

/Experimental electronica, Glitchtronica, Noise, Avant-garde/

Comment: Huyk`s 16-minute long session is fairly intense due to closely adjacent or superimposed elements consisting mostly of insistent digital progressions, glitch-y bits and noisy semi-panoramic backgrounds. At times these noise elements are slightly more buried and coloured in brown, however, resulting in pulsating impulses and surrounded by glitch-drenched ruffles. The session is composed of 4 compartments (all of them are titled as Man Of Brass). Is it a black quadrangle or box?       

Killorgiveup – Winehoused EP (2011)

/Electronic pop, Witch house, Alternative pop, Drag house, Poptronica/

Comment: although this EP contains 3 tracks all these ones will be channelized into one theme and form. Laura Vunk aka Spice Mouse`s vocal used to loom over slightly ominous progressions of tight synth mist and some adjacent sonic effects. Sometimes her singing is supported by the duo`s other part Felix Bondarev (also known from such groups as Red Samara Automobile Club, and Stones & Holes). Indeed, the release was issued in 2011 which was the heyday of drag house/witch house appearance and some (gentler) influences of it can be perceived on this issue either.    

Kommando Zurueck - …From Outta Space (2011)

/Electro-punk, Alternative pop, Electro pop, Robot pop, Electroclash, Camp pop/

Comment: Kommando Zurueck (or Kommando Zurück) is a collective which does not feel ashamed at all by exploiting cheesy, even deliberately campy elements to mix them into their electro-influenced punk/electro-clash embodiment. More concretely, it is a quite contrasty feel to hear Kraftwerk-esque robotic vocal embellishments along with gimcrack yet often ironical singing in German and infrequently in English. Furthermore, the whole seems to be produced tongue-in-cheek. The favourite tracks of mine are Realitaet, and Mega-Bite.   

Jared Lee Longer – We Don`t Know What We`re Doing (2011)

/Improvised music, Experimentalism, Garage rock, Primitivism, Avant-garde, Psych-rock/

Comment:  it is hinted at the ISHITNOISE site Jared Lee Longer is a noise-punk band based out of Southern Maine, USA. Their 8-track issue breaks out in different directions – from piano-driven improvised numbers and psychotic garage rock-driven undercurrents to deranged developments built up on intense rustles and rattles of hi-hats and cymbals.  However, the joint part of compositions is based on a loosely structured, even primitive approach and design letting doors very open for the listener to experience new challenging sonorous perceptions.
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