Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Totuls - Open Held Doors (2014)

/Modern classical, Ambient pop, Electro-acoustic, Neoclassical, Crossover, Dark ambient, Illbient, Breakcore, Electro-acoustic/ 

Comment: actually it is a quite puzzling enterprise to describe this album of 10 tracks coming in at 32 minutes. The general point of the issue is to create a tension between wispy, fragile upper layers and loosely rhythmical inferior sequences. More profoundly, the former of them is remarkably more differentiated due to airy piano chords which used to extend and hover after being tapped out. John Winston Richards also provides slightly sinister synth progressions interwoven with eerie electro-acoustic manipulation and buried noisy bits and murky echoes and mid-range buzzing sounds. There are also wispy yet angelic vowel fabrics giving it a more spaced-out approach and touch. If to regard the rhythm based pads it used to mainly rotate around twisted drum and bass/jungle alike bounces. In a word, it is a crossed issue of different yet not very distant genres resulting in exciting combinations of sound and initial premises. The issue is a part of  PIR▲.MD Records, a Mexico based record label.   

[Teaser of the day] Echo Chamber Rope Trick - How Did We Come Here

  • Dream folk
  • New Weird Britain
  • Lo-fi
  • Folk indie
  • Space folk
  • Free folk
  • Epic
  • Indie folk
  • Cowbell indie

[Teaser of the day] Ashbrg - Strangeside

  • Experimental electronica
  • Art music
  • Avant-pop
  • Leftfield

[Teaser of the day] G-DO & Xception - Brainstorm

  • Hip-hop
  • Rap
  • Conceptual
  • Urban music
  • Afrofuturism

Pollux - Luminous Flowers

The Mussy Gluves - Pelu Green Puns (2014)

/Avant-rock, Americana, Dada music, No Wave, Psychedelic rock, Avant-blues, Art rock, Noise rock, Experimental rock, Space rock, Leftfield/

Comment: in fact, it is hardly classifiable music on its own because the artist`s purpose is to deliberately contort possible initial sources and premises laid out to create this 12-track issue. However, if to listen to it you can hear some hints at Americana and roots music which in turn are crossed with provocative dadaist`s ethos. More concretely, those layers are injected with uncanny flickers and, acute electronic bursts and noisy interventions. Furthermore, the listener can perceive spaced-out and delta bluesy compositions as well, though, witnessing serious aesthetical “injuries” and errors within it. Frequently vocal layers are twisted in a way to create a perception of alternative belonging or disparate world colliding with each other. This album is strongly out of pop. Provoking yet enthralling made up by the duo Matt Heitman and Danny Barton from Missouri, USA. There can be drawn parallels upon such artists as Captain Beefheart, Jon Spencer Blues Explosion, Royal Trux, and The Residents. But  make no mistake the duo`s sound is highly idiosyncratic.                     

The Starry Tides - One Lit Window EP (2006)

/Post-rock, Indietronica, Experimental rock, Mood music, Alternative rock, Art rock/

Comment:  The Starry Tides is the project of David Merson Hess who is also known as film music composer. It is a peculiar issue because of involving tracks being not longer than 3 minutes (the whole finishes off at 10.41). On the other side, it is a sort of post-rock music which tends to meander within many minutes from its starting point. Frequently guitar sounds are embellished with glitch electronic noises, vivid spoken samples (from the film scores?). By the way, the album is issued on his own record label Reverse Engine. In a word, the result is moody and revealing its abundant supply of fantasies.          

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