Tuesday, June 18, 2019

[Teaser of the day] Dave Graham - Spacedrone

  • Psych-rock
  • Experimental rock
  • Krautrock
  • Space rock
  • Avant-rock

Artist: Dave Graham
Release: Orion
Year: 2008

Daughters Of A Righteous Riot - Breaking My Heart Again and Again (2008)

  • Hypnagogic pop 
  • Indietronica 
  • Art pop 
  • Glo-fi 
  • Electronic 
  • Alternative pop 
  • DIY 
  • Ambient pop 
  • Chillwave 
  • Synth-pop 
  • Indie pop

Comment: this handful of compositions sounds like it was driven by a vocalist who is seriously depressed and who sings in a muffled manner even if the adverse state of mood is tried to hide with digital filters and echo chambers. I did even hear the line - I am a worthless piece of shit (being sung impressively). However, the best part of pop music used to pop out due to the artist's distress and suffering. DOARR's music is craftily embellished with acerbic synths and dynamical beats and some speech samples full of coherent synergy and ennobling impulses. One can feel that these hypnotic loops create something curative and purgative. Musically it can be considered a part of the movement of chillwave/glo-fi/hypnagogic pop though it is not an average example within the genre. Funnily, at Discogs it is tagged as dub, and house. Maybe it is in this way. Of course, the music can be considered a sort of synth-pop though it has a little to do with classic synth-pop artists like Pet Shop Boys, and Erasure, for example because it is more acidic, it is more atmospheric, it is more technical. The overwhelming issue is a part of an excellent Swedish imprint, redstarcommunity.

AAVV – Otto Anni e non sentirli VOL 2 (2011-2019)

  • Ambient pop 
  • Expermental electronica 
  • Electronic music 
  • Electro pop 
  • Modern classical 
  • Post-classical 
  • Ambient 
  • Post-disco 
  • Bhangra

Comment: this batch of 10 compositions is released by Italian imprint Ephedrina and there are represented such artists as Whalt Thisney, Mutaform, Bist, LEON DER ROTE, Hypercube, Пёщ Ептгу feat ACRATEP, Wesqk Coast, Structure, GUMP PROJECT, FABER ONE & ELEX MAN. Musically it is a wide scope of electronic explorations, from modern classical and experimental electronica/glitch mixed sounds and angular ambient developments to bubbly electro pop, uncanny post-disco frequencies and even sultry bhangra vibes. In a word, this whole is a lovely accumulation of different styles and artsy intentions.

Thursday, June 13, 2019

[Teaser of the day] Pollux - Cyclique

  • Ambient
  • Hauntology
  • Post-classical
  • Drone
  • Avant-garde
  • Electronic music

Artist: Pollux
Release: Lune Rouge  
Year: 2012

[Teaser of the day] Stark`s Pond - Behind Every Turn

  • Electronic pop
  • Synth-pop
  • Ambient pop
  • Dance pop

Artist: Stark`s Pond
Release: Life Track
Year: 2018

Auger Shell – Holdstill Ocean (2008)

  • Ambient rock 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Avant-rock 
  • Lo-fi 
  • Drone rock 
  • Glitchtronica 
  • DIY 
  • Epic 
  • Post-rock 
  • Electronic 
  • Glitch ambient

Comment: nearby Detroit, US-based Pat Callow aka Auger Shell did have released all his three items under a cult imprint, the Netherlands-based Rack And Ruin Records, having been doing a decent promoting from 2008 to 2011, by the lead of Dean Birkett. Holdstill Ocean was the first and the longest issue of the three parted discography of Auger Shell under Rack And Ruin. Maybe one can find out a prescription coming out from the following sequence/number set in a queue – 037, 051, 073. Additionally to Holdstill Ocean, there are also up Bee Lions, and The Narrows to be listened to. A description by him, a blanket of evocative swirling sounds from one guitar and an arsenal of effects. The music teems with life, at times vacillating between tremble and pulse, shriek and wail, bite and grasp. Soul brother to Christian Fennesz, Kevin Shields and even Lee Ranaldo, his mostly improvisatory compositions are structured in layers and loops, sometimes stitched together with the aid of a computer. Indeed, by listening to this set of long compositions I felt to split the 4-notch issue into a disciple of My Bloody Valentine due to those slightly powerful tremolo guitar treads and lofty guitar transitions within a tangential blend of throbbing hiss and asymmetrical drone-drenched sonic bowl. The second, finishing part was clearly more about laptop and digital technology dominated experiments, it was clearly more about a contemporary laptop and digital processing-based shamanism (Tim Hecker, Pan American, Alva Noto/Carsten Nicolai, Vladislav Delay, Fennesz, Pan Sonic). More magnified loops and glitches pitched up to a higher extent. However, the more I listened to it, the more it seemed to be about magic and something transcendental. At times I feel like listening to an anthology of noise and electronic music by Sub Rosa. The artificial borders set up by me became hazy. Actually a listener can hear exalted (sic!) droning doom metal progressions as if providing some glimpses within a deadly greyish landscape. In a word, by the form it is somehow flawed yet blissful nonetheless (it might be, on the contrary, thanks to it). The beauty is not simply a state, it is the relation/move between/from an inferior/rough to superior/refined one.

Wednesday, June 12, 2019

[Teaser of the day] Speculativism - Mars So What

  • Improvised music
  • Avant-prog
  • RIO
  • Dada music
  • Contemporary classical
  • Art rock
  • Psych-prog
  • Experimental rock

Artist: Speculativism
Release: War and Peace
Label: Bandcamp/Archive.org
Year: 2010 

[Teaser of the day] Emerald Park - Black Box

  • Indie pop
  • Ork-pop
  • Art pop
  • Alternative pop
  • Pomp pop

Artist: Emerald Park
ReleaseBlack Box CC
Year: 2014  

Osiris4 – Black Diamonds EP (2019)

  • Ambient techno 
  • Electronic music 
  • Techno pop 
  • Synth-pop 
  • Ambient pop

Comment: this 3-notch outing is a part of the discography of a Germany-based imprint, Digital Diamonds reflecting upon black diamonds through poppy rhythms and appealing synthesised panoramas atop. It is a transgressive issue being ostensibly strongly influenced by (deep) techno aesthetics yet branching away from the club scene. The element of synth-pop can be considered the reason of influencing the whole and the condition of moving away to a broader realm. Osiris4 comes out of Zurich, Switzerland.

Cutside – In Orbit EP (2019)

  • Acid jazz 
  • Hip-hop 
  • Funk rock 
  • Breaks 
  • Mood music 
  • Sampledelic 
  • Nu jazz

Comment: if you ask who would pretend to be the last musician who did start a distinguished hype I would say Steven Allison aka Flying Lotus (a member in the lineage of Alice and John Coltrane) whose relevant twitches from different styles of the past to be efficiently treated within his laptop arrangements as the fare of his musicianship embarked an enduring following. Cutside is an artist from Russia whose 4-notch outing is spiked with relaxing nu jazz incantations, psychedelic acid grooves and much more. For instance, The Last Days is a soaring funk fusion example based on a bit abrasive guitar glissandos. The counterpoint and at the same time the result of these different primordial sounds is mood which comes out as the synergistic essence by starting live its own life. Those discrete whiffs of wind instruments and plucked strings hold up somehow a cosmic yet intimate and warm feel. In the sense (by its circular comprehension and succeeded accomplishment) it is a perfect result. Beyond that categorization it could be interpreted as an album on its own and as a dynamic sound collage. The spellbinding outing is a bit in the discography of an imprint, blocSonic.
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