Saturday, October 10, 2015

[Teaser of the day] This Lonely Crowd - La Douleur Exquise

  • Post-metal
  • Metalgaze
  • Experimental metal
  • Trash metal
  • Art metal
  • No Wave
  • Avant-metal

Release: Meraki 
Label: Sinewave
Year: 2015

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Camilo Franco - Minutos Antes De – EP (2014)

/Experimental electronica, Techno pop, Mood music, IDM/

Comment: Camilo Franco is a musician from Buenos Aires, Argentina whose 3-track issue is a seamless drift between IDM-tinged electronic explorations and pop inflected vamp. Indeed, by listening to it one can perceive a posture and attitude being so characteristic to the end of the 90s and the beginning of the 00s being mostly related to the minimal techno/IDM scene of Continental Europe (mostly artists and labels related to Germany, and Austria). By listening to it at the moment it chimes like something of mood music – it used to meander slowly in between rhythmic and harmonic banks without rapid changes in sonic fabric and harmony. All those chord changes can be perceived markedly arousing a feeling of calm and an absence of agitation. Antes is an exception because it merges together climax fuelled voices of a man and woman thereby arousing sexual desire in the listener. On the other side, the aforementioned compartment is backed up by sublime synth chord progressions reminding of an early and mid-period Kraftwerk (which was less techno and electro-oriented). In a nutshell, it is a decent work. Find it out at the discography of Sólo le Pido a Dior Records.

Friday, October 9, 2015

[Teaser of the day] David Woodgett - Ripple

  • Psych-rock
  • Indie rock
  • Angst rock
  • Alternative rock
  • Blues rock

Artist: David Woodgett
Label: Small Bear
Year: 2015

[Teaser of the day] Kaori Motoi - BGM

  • J-pop
  • Indie pop
  • Alternative pop
  • Shibuya-kei

Artist: Kaori Motoi
Label: Ano(t)raks
Year: 2015

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Ancient Lasers – You In The Future (2013)

/Pomp rock, Electro-indie, Art pop, Alternative pop, Indie rock, Emo/

Comment: the Moscow-based imprint Clinical Archives is being known for releasing experimental, improvisational, mostly noisy electronic stuff in the first place. However, its discography extending above 500 issues to date embraces albums which could be considered to be a part of folk and indie music. For instance, I can remember for such artists as Dmyra, This Co., and Post Human Era. The 14-track album You In The Future could be added to the same compartment. It is built upon the intention to create emotionally overwhelming, bombastic pop rock album. On the other side, California, US-based musicians Daniel Anderson (aka Idiot Pilot) and Daniel Finfer (also known as a part of Post Human Era) exploit many electronic devices and electronic solutions to “deviate” from an average emo rock/pomp rock formula and exert their own concept. For instance, you can hear many programmed rhythms and digitally fuelled bugs in the combo`s sonic feedback and powerful outbursts. Lyrically the combo is to be about love, relational problems, and as if searching for boost to foster their self-belief. The favourite song of mine is The Way It Has To Be which could freely have been a teaser within some of Air`s albums (more apparently, at Talkie Walkie). In a word, the issue is a solid exertion.

Angry Norwegian - Grind Is the New Black (2015)

/Grindcore, Hardcore, Sampledelic/

Comment: who is an angry Norwegian? Anders Breivik? Varg Vikernes? Someone else? In fact, this is the duo of Lane, and Ross from Michigan, USA whose 7-track issue is a hellish blend of burning guitar noodling, disorienting speech samples and tumultuous drumming over the mix. As a proper grindcore album used to be it is produced in the way to be properly tight having no gaps and all the air around it is burned off. Most of the tracks are at a length of 1 minute. Only Endohkneesha which is the hidden track on it has a length of almost 5 minutes (the Bandcamp version of the album does not contain it at all). In a word, let`s get this album and enjoy the slab of Vitamin G(rindcore) and H(ardcore).

Tuesday, October 6, 2015

[Teaser of the day] Brazzini - Meat, Sun, Thoughts

  • Drone
  • Avant-garde
  • Ambient noise
  • Experimentalism
  • Dark ambient
  • Minimalism

Artist: Brazzini
Release: The Big Ear
Year: 2006
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