Tuesday, December 11, 2018

[Teaser of the day] Sanchez Is Driven By Demons - Peak

  • Ambient rock
  • Space rock
  • Post-rock
  • Avant-rock

Year: 2006

[Teaser of the day] Brother Saturn - Awake In Your Dreams

  • Guitar ambient
  • Soundscape
  • Epic
  • Minimalism
  • Drone
  • Electronic music
  • Ambient drone

Release: Atmosphere
Label: Self-released/Bandcamp
Year: 2018

Monday, December 10, 2018

Tanuki - Radiant Memories

[Teaser of the day] The Peach Tree - White Magick

  • Alternative rock
  • Electro-indie
  • Lo-fi
  • Art rock
  • Synth-rock
  • Glam rock
  • DIY
  • Indie rock

Release: Magick
Year: 2009

[Teaser of the day] Romo - Airplane Groove

  • Nu jazz
  • Acid jazz
  • Electronic music
  • Sampledelic
  • Trip-hop

Artist: Romo
Year: 2012

Day Of The Triangle – bizarre world of non (2018)

  • Kosmische Musik 
  • Electronic music 
  • Alternative 
  • Synth-pop 
  • Ambient techno 
  • Cosmic fusion 
  • Soundscape
  • Crossover 
  • New Age 
  • Deep house

Comment: I can remember for Day Of The Triangle's albums called Salvia Sundays, 48, and Chair Conspiracy could be considered one of the best albums in 2015. And today I can say that bizarre world of non is the favourite release of mine in 2018. Within the Estonian underground scene Tartu-based artist's music was something truly remarkable to provide such a refreshing sort of cosmic breeze up to one's wearisome globe (by the Estonian artists Trent Hawkins and Tont can somehow be compared to it in stylistic and sensual manner). And it still does in the same way 3 years later up to one's cerebral convolutions by trudging across a mystical universe with pulsating rhythms, spaced-out synthesised cascades, and amusing vocal arrangements and tectonic yet transcendental drones. It may remind a bit of The Orb's masterpiece called Orblivion but just for a second (by the way, it starts off with a bouncy synthwave rhythmic metric to develop into an exuberant electro and tricky yet full-fledged (contingent) synth-pop and astral techno and deep house mixed soup as if produced by an outsider mastermind). What's the difference between it and the artists of the so-called Berlin School? The synths and soundscapes represented over there are more warm, less hollow and more timeless. As if reflecting upon the working process of cosmic furnaces full of colourful transformations, supernatural changes, and lush heat emitting. Indeed, one obviously cannot pin down the exact period and place of these sonic progressions. By changing the side of a copy of the tape (indeed, the tape is issued as a limited edition under Trash Can dance) the listener can hear more enchantingly iterative New Age-y hovers as if depicting a flamboyant world beyond the reach and power of our most potent telescopes. Could you see the apparition of Creator? As I already said these 8 tracks do constitute the best issue in 2018.

Sunday, December 9, 2018

Borgesss – The Invisible Rope (2017)

  • Slowcore 
  • Alternative rock 
  • Indie rock 
  • Americana 
  • Gothic rock 
  • Singer-songwriter

Comment: does God lie? What happens next if the witch grabs you by the hand? And if you are surrounded by the howl of a pack of wolves or immersed in the darkest blue for some reason? Instead of wolves you could freely be surrounded by Tony Montana, Anton Chigurh, or Max Cady-alike personae. Instead of God you can put the word 'president' or 'leader' to the sentence who know for what is the best for their nations. You can see what is going on in France during a month as the subsequence of such sort of arrogance. And you will have no chance to blame the so-called populists anymore. Furthermore, it indicates the term 'populism' has been used in an exaggerated way. By facing all of that you are either devastated to the bottom in a paralyzing way or will it provide you some power or even inspiration to create something arousing on its own. On this 6-notch release the minor chords played on bold guitar strings and suppressed female singing supported by faint echoes and synthesised electronics are governing the course for all our pleasure. Of course, additionally I do fancy it because Borgesss is the solo project by Paula Borges, the lead vocal of a favourite combo of mine, Hanging Freud. Indeed, there is no chance to partake in deviation of quality and tasteless self-indulgent excesses. By kindred souls one can draw parallels to such artists as Thalia Zedek, Cat Power, For Solacing Grief, Le Bâtiment, Lullabier. The decorous issue is a part of the discography of an imprint called myhand.thanks.

Yungeen Ace – Life Of Betrayal (2018)

  • Hip-hop 
  • Rap 
  • Urban music 
  • Soul-hop
  • Southern rap

Comment: Jacksonville, the US-based rapper Keyontae Bullard aka Yungeen Ace's 13-track issue is inspired by a sad event which almost would cost him life. Unfortunately his brother Tre'von aka Quan Quan and two other guys were killed in the car while having a stop in a gas station. He chants about betrayal in many meanings, about the murder attempt, about the bitter feel of pain. Undoubtedly the outing is a way for him to cope with mourning. Musically it is a worth release because it is built on different emotions like sadness, grief, anger, desperation. All of that can readily be differentiated. Such bloody situations will produce frank emotions and feelings and of course an uncompromising music example. The mixtape is released on such sites as DatPiff, and Hip Hop Mixtapes and hosted by DJ Shab. Good luck to the talented rapper and his family.

Saturday, December 8, 2018

Nevesis – Nevesis (2012)

  • Hard rock 
  • Stoner rock 
  • Space rock 
  • Progressive rock

Comment: Nevesis is a combo from Paide, a small town from Estonia. However, their debut issue is something which does not admit any borders or signs of smallness. OK, they bear testimony to the golden age of hard rock and early heavy metal, and stoner rock grooves, however, it is not either a parody or a lacklustre and boring imitation of the aforementioned styles. This 9-notch release is full of power due to explosive fuel and igniting energy coming out of permanent key changes and the singer's impressive changes in singing manner. Yeah, guitars and their based solos and stomping drums are omnipresent throughout the course. The most disparate track (at least its intro) is Lysergic Dreams which is a highly powerful space rock case. Five years later, the sophomore issue called Pink Magnet Masters was released. In a nutshell, it is an astounding rock and roll instance at its best.

Makunouchi Bento – The Guardians of Lost Pieces: Found and Never to Be Lost (2018)

  • Experimentalism 
  • Ambient drone 
  • Art music 
  • Experimental electronica 
  • Post-industrial 
  • Drone 
  • Ambient 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Improvised music 
  • Remix

Comment: it is always a great pleasure to arrive at the Romanian combo's music because you will never know what kind of surprises you could expect from it. This time they are assisted by a bunch of other musicians either. This 6-notch issue (it is actually an open playlist - at least until it reaches 60-80 minutes - for songs which aren't included on any other official release) is a profound and cohesive amalgamation of different styles, from supersonic droning ambient and heavily stomping bass driven excursions and unnerving interrupted rhythmic structures to a quirky synth-pop example and a jazz-infused convulsion. Moreover, frequently the listener can perceive obsessive focus to have directed toward minutiae – it might be more adequately assumed the minutiae are amplified and magnified into a new quality, into something providing refreshing possibilities to open new entrances for next issues. One can hear scratching within it yet it does have nothing to do with an ordinary hip-hop appearance. At times it sounds like a heavily compressed pop example like chiming somewhere at the bottom of the ocean (Urban Tree). One of the best issues in 2018 for sure.
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