Friday, April 28, 2017

Dildo – Febbre (2005)

  • Alternative 
  • Art pop 
  • Electronic pop 
  • Breaks 
  • Indie 
  • Jungle 
  • Breakbeat

Comment: this is an offbeat dance pop and breaks mixed outing. There are represented three tracks with slightly different intentions and approaches but in overall it is all about rhythmic alchemy. So take your listening time very carefully to find out all the subtle shades and faint borders from within it. Loose rhythms are variegated with more determined and compelling torrents – from artsy indie and subdued yet lurking electro pop to noisy jungle and blasting breakbeat appearances. Female and male voices are cutely intertwined with each other to create the counterpoint to those violent rhythmic progressions (especially at Industria). Dildo is the trio of Elena Pongoli, Gabriele Mendi, and Fabio Macor and these tracks were recorded in 1999. This solid impression is a bit in the discography of Laverna.

Gogo Yubari – The Yes Yes Sound Of Gogo Yubari (2017)

  • Avant-rock 
  • Experimental rock 
  • Noise 
  • Post-hardcore 
  • Blues 
  • Noise rock 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Doom rock 
  • Hard rock 
  • Electronic music 
  • Glitch
  • Crossover 
  • Leftfield

Comment: approximately 15 years ago one Estonian music reviewer stated that music is impressive only if it hurts. Unfortunately he did not elaborate on in which way it should have appeared. I hope Gogo Yubari's 14-notch outing is a slot to provide answers to it though the final answer cannot be declared anyway. Gogo Yubari's music is a sway between deliberated madness and technical possibilities, between blues and hardcore influenced developments into noise and noise rock. And the combo's noise rock is obviously influenced by Sonic Youth, and The Pixies but the influences are magnified and deranged by solar storm. All the radars are running out of power only the power button is switched on. Oh mother I can feel the soil is falling over my head. The Lepidotrepist is a disparate case because of being subdued by its moody approach but by its nature it is a vanguard case with extended and reversed guitar chords. It is a convincing warped world. To The Ends Of Unearth is another exception wherein guitars and vocal part are slowed-down into an example of alien doom rock. Fairly impressive. It might be The Exodus Of The New Work is the most conventional work on it though these energetic steam guitars are loaded with Motörhead-alike dynamics. On the other side, there are also up more electronic and glitched-out experiments full of tension, electricity and galvanised abstractions. The miscellaneous outing is a part of the discography of Small Bear Records.

Thursday, April 27, 2017

[Teaser of the day] Astral Harmonies - Forgiveness

  • Synthwave
  • Electronic music
  • Alternative
  • Kosmische Musik
  • Cosmic synth

Release: Metta (EP)
Label: MoonSwing
Year: 2016

[Teaser of the day] Meije - Summer Lover

  • Ambient pop
  • Alternative
  • Glo-fi
  • Electronic music
  • Dreamwave

Artist: Meije
Label: Self-released/Bandcamp
Year: 2017

[Teaser of the day] rr.gross - Still 3

  • Drone
  • Experimentalism
  • Ambient drone
  • Abstract
  • Experimental electronica
  • Avant-garde
  • Minimalism

Artist: rr.gross
Release: Stills
Year: 2016

Karl Frank – Fragments of Decay (2015)

  • Indie pop 
  • Alternative pop 
  • Glo-fi 
  • Post-pop
  • Electronic
  • Art pop 
  • Chillwave 
  • Hypnagogic pop

Comment: first of all, the album is quite peculiar due to embracing 9 tracks and clocking in at a 13 minute. Formally it is the album but by its nature it is a long-running (but not bothersome) track in fact. Yeah, it is an example of contemporary indie music because of ranging from guitar-based progressions to drum machine and synthesiser based build-ups. It starts off with Voices in the Dark with some stomping guitar riffs and skidding drums at mid-tempo. Shadows is a similar case though adding a spaced-out vocal template and joyous brass whiffs to the mix. Red Eyes is a step further in comparison to Shadows because of employing a mutant electro vocal within the usual vocal employment. A part of the rest of the tracks are formulated by using the aforementioned elements in different combinations but the favourites of mine are such tracks as Disappearance Delay, Recycling Dreams where the listener can enjoy blissful memories and synthesised space mixed bittersweet beauty which has been demonstrated at a large scale somewhere 5-10 years ago when chillwave and glo-fi and hypnagogic pop were a cut above within the indie scene. By the way, Karl Frank started his career more than 10 years ago so I like his statement to create such sort of art he himself wishes to create. That`s honest and ennobling. The issue is a part of the Swedish imprint Redstarcommunity. Outstanding pop music.

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

[Teaser of the day] Orange Crush - Zero Degrees

  • Shoegazetronica
  • Alternative
  • Glo-fi
  • Electronic
  • Dream pop
  • Lo-fi
  • Indietronica

Artist: Orange Crush
Year: 2009
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