Digitalverein – Changes LP (2004)

  • Electronic music 
  • Dub house 
  • Dub techno 
  • Dubtronica 
  • Ambient dub

Comment: Jörg Schuster (aka Lufth, and Sensual Physics) is an artist and a designer of graphics for computer software from Dortmund, Germany. He can be considered a main domestic artist within an acknowledged imprint called Thinner. In fact, Germany can be considered home for many outstanding dub and minimal techno labels and one of such cornerstones is certainly Thinner. One can just conclude from it the artist should be worthwhile. This 8-track outing is as emotive as it is hypnotic. The first adjective does not exclude the latter, and vice versa. The vibes just come in, starting to wobble around one`s head and soul and then keep mutating slowly, almost invisibly into something else. The format is mainly restricted with techno, dub, and atmospheric and nocturnal electronic developments yet at times one may perceive something punctual and iterative therefore creating a bridge between the aforementioned styles and krautrock. There is even up one track by employing exquisite vibraphone sounds and thereby resembling a bit of Tortoise. At times dub rhythms are replaced by more bold steps (proto-dubstep?) yet preserving its wobbly feel. Just listen to it, just feel the touch of it.