Tont – Vaba Vesi (2017)

  • Ambient 
  • Abstract 
  • Experimentalism 
  • Avant-garde 
  • Field recording 
  • Alternative 
  • Organic electronica 
  • Musique concrète 
  • World music 
  • Ethnotronica 
  • Spoken word

Comment: Tont (Ghost) is the project of Estonian traveller and musician Siim Kuusemäe whose subsequent outing has been managed grossly in a similar way as his previous ones though there are up some different characteristics as well. So it can be said the artist's physical and mental journey goes on. While I am writing this comment I am not listening to a digital copy of it but an exemplary of the limited edition of 48 tapes entitled Vaba Vesi (Free Water) being released on Tallinn-based underground imprint Trash Can Dance. It starts off with reciting one extraction by the Estonian writer Arvo Valton who states that the thought of travelling can be equalled with the thought of living and the experience of travelling makes one feel more excited about and more empathetic and being an integral part of his/her development. It is the most humanity-related phenomenon. It used to correlate with the thought of Heraclitus, the pre-Socratic philosopher from ancient Greece who stated all is moving around and there is no chance to step into one and the same river twice. Similarly Tont has not done it before and does not do it the recent time either. Or is not allowed to do it. Additionally, by Heraclitus Tont may be standing at a crossroad because additionally those prevalent sultry field recording based sounds and shamanic rhythmic patterns one can also hear a more abstract composition at the self-titled track as if hearing passing by the cars at a remote distance while staying somewhere in the middle of the forest. In another piece called Sume Tont exploits more synthetic, artificial templates to create a clear-cut ambient composition in the traditional sense of this word. In a word, Tont issued a subsequent purgatorial outing which can be admitted a best recording in a year. In 2017, more profoundly. Besides his solo albums I recommend put ear on a project, Allinn (at Bandcamp), he has also been get involved in.