Tuesday, July 19, 2016

Veem – My Friend The Voice (2005)

  • Electronic music 
  • Ambient 
  • Synthwave 
  • Alternative
  • Indietronica 
  • Ambient pop

Comment: by depending on a listener this 8-track issue might sound either making a lot to happen or being just minimally built up. For sure, there are up a bunch of sonic elements that enrich the whole palette of the recording, which in general used to base on ambient pop/space pop structure it kind of just cruises throughout the course. With regard to the album’s title one could hear (the human being’s) voice, though, being represented in a small amount. At Wormhole the artist exploits guitar chords to lay down more natural sensations in the recording. The aforementioned sonic elements establish contrast against the slowly moving cloudy ambient undulations. Ultimately at the end of the release after some listening times on loop you could recognize it is a decent issue being issued on Manchester-based imprint Hippocamp 11 years ago.         
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