Friday, July 22, 2016

Effendorf – Love Peace And Slavoj Zizek (2013)

  • Alternative 
  • Electronic pop 
  • Electro pop 
  • Primitive 
  • Breakcore 
  • Techno pop

Comment: I might be feeling myself a little bit disturbed by listening to this 5-track issue. Firstly, it is an electronic music album in false manner where the listener can be a part of deliberately added interfering elements and naïve synthesized passages and primitive electronic appearances. On the other side, it is a highly catchy one thereby eliciting thoughts about the talented musician behind it. Musically it is a smooth case because those sonic needles are put to the forefront and integrated into the whole at the same time. Although the issue is quite short-running the EP includes a bunch of interesting dodges and threads into different styles and effects. What would I say about the title? Love and peace are both very essential topics in the existence of the humankind but the humour is that glue which is an important ingredient to guarantee inner integrity of the phenomena. It is nice to find hints at Slavoj Zizek, which is obviously an ironic stab toward hipsters who naturally like to cite the hipsters` philosopher. By giving attention to the titles of the EP one gets convinced to be true. And as you have already figured out that the first sentence of mine with regard to be slightly disturbed was just a hypothesis about my inner sensations. Now I am feeling the hypothesis come to be true. I am happy with that. Hands up!          
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