Thursday, December 31, 2015

External World - External World (2006)

  • Improvised music
  • New Weird Britain
  • Free folk
  • Dada music
  • Freeformfreakout
  • Anti-folk
  • Experimentalism
  • Primitive music
  • Weird folk
  • Avant-garde
  • Psychedelic

Comment: it is not the first and apparently will not be the last entry of a combo related to such labels as Cozy Home Records, Daydream Generation, and Quixodelic Records. All the three can be considered as staples within the realm of home recorded ingenious music which frequently tend to stay beyond definitive stylistic terms. External World is the duo of Judy Shimmin and Rob Levy whose 15-notch issue is released from conventional pop music threads of utmost extent. I guess someone might think it is negative album on account of just wanting purposefully to counteract to the mainstream music. Such sort of statement would be probably wrong because the result is somehow cohesive and convincing despite of providing a shitloads of wired progressions and wild turns and frantic dodges. More concretely, it involves tickled dialogues in words, mind-boggling interactions between guitar playing, trance-y ethnic drumming and amusing synchronised vocal deliveries pouring out of both channels simultaneously. And all of these elements seem to be surfaced at ease. The starting point is not important here as it is not the ending spot either – between the listener could discern much free energy and delight of cooperation coming out of those relatively short-running pieces. The more you listen to it the more you could behold folk-based structure behind it. Firstly one might discern chaos fuelled fractals which then stepwise begin to disappear to hold place for more “logical” indications. In fact, the aforementioned improvised pieces and lovely freakouts do variegate with emotively and aesthetically restrained guitar twangs (Early Hours) or one could enjoy calm moments where the birds are singing, cicadas are chirping, some leaves fall spirally down accompanied by faint drumming. It sounds like a nice afternoon on Sunday somewhere in the backyard. By lyrical side, it is similarly imaginative and freely tripping as the sonic concept (for instance, We Must Go). In a word, listen to it to get permitted to enter into a difference making portal.
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