Tuesday, December 29, 2015

Bone Conductors – Twitches (2008)

  • Singer-songwriter
  • Indie folk
  • Chamber pop
  • Indietronica
  • Drone pop
  • Epic
  • New Weird America
  • Toytronica
  • Baroque pop
  • Post-pop
  • Folk indie
  • Alternative pop
  • Americana

Comment: by reading the description about Nick Yulman at archive.org one could admit the resident from Brooklyn, NY, USA is a busy, versatile and requested musician. He has been involved in many projects with purpose to cover different events with soundscapes. Surely, by listening to this 11-track issue one there have been mapped out different hotspots in indie/alternative/art pop/music. Musically it does mean electronic instruments are tightly mixed up with acoustic ones though the whole rings in an airy and subtle way giving no heck to any of these vignettes and fragments represented over there. More profoundly, you can see paths coming out of art houses and bedrooms to climb up to small independent studios and venues where primitive toy-alike instruments are given the same aesthetical extent in comparison to more accomplished guitar rock driven and Americana laden progressions. Even more could be pulled out of it – at times Yulman`s music chimes in a truly farcical way where funny music hall/vaudeville/burlesque elements are seamlessly added to the mix. In truth, Twitches is heavily loaded with stylistic turns and innovative explorations, however, resulting craftily in an emotive way. Although the music lovers could discern certain similarities with other musicians (for instance, Dan Deacon, Stereolab, Sufjan Stevens, Beirut, Grizzly Bear, Mount Eerie, Dirty Projectors) it is an idiosyncratic outing because having no spot on certain elements for longer time. These snippets are just transient instruments to conjure up his extravagant world. The issue involves some songs which should have reached the top of Billboard (Bermuda, I Don`t Design). The album should be considered as one of the classic albums regarding the New Weird America scene. All the relevant aspects are represented over there - it is musically poignant, emotionally overwhelming, conceptually innovative. Top notch.

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