Saturday, November 14, 2015

Steinregen Dubsystem – Recycled (2013)

/Alternative dance, Raggamuffin, Remixes, Dancehall, World music, Electronica, Crossover, Dub, Urban music/ 

Comment: there are represented 17 tracks by various artists who tread the compositions of a 6-piece collective, Steinregen Dubsystem from Freiburg, Germany. In general, it could be said Jamaica is an island of fast-running people and shaggy reggae and dub inflected music. With regard to the compilation the listener can enjoy many crossovers and derivations coming out of the aforementioned styles. Emotionally it is a poignant issue because it used to insinuate lots of dodges and turns within the whole. There are represented pieces being made up of echoes which used to last very long thereby bringing forth a thoroughly spaced-out feeling. There are up some curiosities either where Balkan and other ethnic motives are interlaced with the Jamaican music. Despite putting slightly uncanny elements into the melting pot there is good effect about it. There are up remixes by the likes of Goyo Naranja & Damaa, Dava, Ras Amerlock, EQuBE, Bassinfected, Herbstauch, Lüra, Lata, Pellectronica, Hans Gruber, Ras Tilo, Juju, Akarola, and TRVE.
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