Thursday, September 24, 2015

The Parish of Little Clifton – Septemberish 7 (2011)

/Dream pop, Chillwave, Electronic pop, Poptronica, Alternative pop, Indietronica/

Comment: this 2-thread issue comes out of Agassiz, Canada from then-19-year-old producer whose tracks It`s Ok, Roseanne; Echo Island are technical and organic at the same time. Indeed, the listener can perceive those production traces impressed in the compositions, on the other side the compositions provide enough relaxing, dreamed-out (Echo Island) and thoroughgoingly earnest, even funny moments to pump up your mood with positive neurotransmitters (It`s Ok, Roseanne). It is just a case to provide some turns, some loops and some moody threads to start off the party and get everyone to calm down. I discovered the artist got inspiration from nature, more concretely, by enjoying the beauty of a couple of lakes nearby his place of residence. The issue is a part of the discography of the Bad Panda imprint.
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