Friday, September 11, 2015

Psychic Frequencies – Projecting Disorder (2014)

/Experimental electronica, Glitch ambient, Post-industrial, Electro-acoustic, Musique concrète, Avant-garde, Drone, Experimentalism, Ambient dub, Experimental techno/

Comment: it is obviously one of the best most thought-provoking techno and dub albums I have ever heard. In fact, if we think of techno or dub music I used to think of quite sterile and hermetic beats which are extracted from certain synthesised pads and embellished with synthesised overdrives. Indeed, Projecting Disorder is something of the so-called techno and dub music. Psychic Frequencies aka the collaboration act between Alistair Stray and David Clarkson used to draw on electro-acoustic ambience and raw sonic fabrics wherein the listener could perceive lots of open air around it. Of course, those are only some elements provided over the mix. For instance, Projecting Fractures is a terrain to take on rough improvisation due to flute sounds by Southeast Asia and thoroughgoing electronic experiments which in turn used to hint at the aesthetics of industrial music. Those many ambient music snippets represented throughout the course are loaded with many ghosts and other supernatural creatures. Actually it is not surprising with regard to the artists` immensely foregoing musical involvement (Alistair Stray has been involved in such acts as Raya Collective, Irritants, Radical Elsewhere, Noosign, and Inference; David Clarkson has been involved in such acts as Central Processing Unit, Illuminati, Triclops, and Whitecube). In a word, the result is mind-blowingly interesting.
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