Thursday, August 6, 2015

Far from Moscow – Forest (2011)

/Experimental electronica, Abstract electronica, Dream pop, Folk, Glitchtronica, World music, Ambient, Indie rock, Alternative pop/

Comment: the forest is being a holy place for northwestern nations of Slavic and Finnish origin in Europe, being a place wherefrom to get power, food and mind related inspiration to live off to the next day. Furthermore, the forest is being a cathedral in a direct and indirect sense, a source which is necessary to arrive at it again and again. By listening to this issue of 19 pieces you can hear stylistically diverse opuses and approaches, however, being more or less directly related to the woods. Many tracks on it are directly rooted with folk music though representing their music in innovative terms and arrangements. The artists might even be inspired to create the forest on their own terms rather than just providing reflections upon the real forest though this could be a rewarding task either. In any cases, the listener can discern sort of a parochial feeling being characteristic to the aforementioned area. I do not mind it in an insinuating way because the borders are necessary to give the phenomenon the shape and essence, sort of existential premiss. There are up a swarm of artists from Belarus, Ukraine, Estonia, Latvia, and Lithuania. More profoundly, Spice Mouse, Antanas Jasenka, DakhaBrakha, Propala Gramota, Viljandi Guitar Trio, Arturas Bumsteinas, Port Mone, Imandra Lake, Andrey Kiritchenko and Ojra, Mari Kalkun, R&R Electronics, Pastacas, Astrowind, Talupoeg, Audio Z (T. Bajarkevičius), Argo Vals, Antanas Kučinskas, Ocheretyanyi Kit, and Iduvigik. 
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