Tuesday, July 28, 2015

The Line Below (2012)

/Indie rock, Dream pop, Jangle pop, Avant-pop, Electronic pop, Art pop, Alternative pop, Chillwave/

Comment: this compilation of 7 tracks involves outstanding indie music from the very beginning to the late seconds. Stylistically and technically it is mottled as indie music used to be, more concretely, extending from light-hearted yet thoroughly affecting guitar driven sonics to more artsy, keyboard/synthn and programmed beat driven experiments where the touch of human soul is deeply mixed up with machine dominated areas. The miscellany embraces such combos as Spakkiano, Murder, Husband, Welcome Back Sailors, His Clancyness, Karibean feat. North, and Wolther Goes Stranger. Furthermore, all these combos seem to come out of Italy. In a word, the Italian musicians in the compartments of progressive rock, disco music (Italo disco), noise music and motion picture soundtracks have earlier proven to be top notches worldwide. This time they proved they could produce fabulous, assured indie sound either. Get this must have package for yourself.
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