Sunday, June 21, 2015

Golgotha Communications Ltd - Those Who Can Do, Those Who Can't, Dj (2014)

/Glitchtronica, Experimentalism, Sampledelic, Post-industrial, Minimal, Abstract, Noise, Psycho-acoustics, Avant-garde/

Comment: it is time to get back to Golgotha Communications Ltd., the Philadelphia, US-based combo whose 12-track issue on SP Net might spawn different feelings in your rotten soul. There are up some intriguing moments within the mix. For instance, the issue can be considered an example of industrial music which is predominantly coated with the black/white vamp, however, there are up samples which used to iterate quite funny to counterbalance the issue. More concretely, the slightly aggressive female vocal-based repetition at I Saw Him Putting Mascara On is permeated with “errors” at the volume level and the upper layers are effectively accentuated with gay rhythms (by the noun side, however, the LGBT people`s role has been important in the history of industrial music – of course, it does not mean that the sexual disposition is somehow superior in creative doings). In truth, you can exploit speech samples in a way to change the context and creating something differently new. Secondly, there are up some occupying production tricks as if conjuring up horrifying flashbacks in your mindset. It can be considered in conjunction with those “errors” being mentioned above. In fact, there is up one “chill out” track called A Huge Bra, Lying In The Middle Of The Dancefloor. It is calmed down in the sense as if you have profoundly cried for a while before and then being got rid of feels you just listening to it with an unimpressed gaze. In a nutshell, it is a configuration of vanguard shit and diverting roundabouts yet setting its place in a distance being very remote from imaginable centres of pop music.                     
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