Sunday, May 31, 2015

Go No Go For Launch – Re-Entry (2015)

/Lo-fi, DIY, Synth fusion, Tape music, Electro-rock, Sampledelic, Mood music, Synth rock/

Comment: Bandcamp is an essential platform for many record labels worldwide, including many tape labels either. One of such imprints is US-based Field Hymns whose discography has reached already 60 bars. For instance, Millions` Line In The Sky is one of the most pre-eminent albums in 2015, a fascinating example of the interface between ambient, drone, electronics and post-rock. Randall Taylor aka Go No Go For Launch`s short-running issue was initially produced in 2006 but being officially unreleased so far. More concretely, with the appearance of wonky rhythms, shrill guitar chords and cheap fusion-styled synthesizers and funny samples (one of such is a sample taken from the MacGyver theme) it results in a pleasantly entertaining, self-ironic outing.            
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