Thursday, April 16, 2015

The Shimmer Effect – Mechanosensitive (2013)

/Electronic pop, Downtempo, New Age, Psyambient/

Comment: actually I do have some problems to catch at the quintessence of this album because it chimes in a sultry, beatific (almost psychedelic) way straggling and coming together as a whole of repeated cycles relentlessly. It sounds almost like “live” music though the sounds represented over there used to be processed with electronic devices and sequencers. It might be nowadays New Age music saturated with exuberant rhythms and blissful spaced-out aesthetics. Or is it a kind of psychedelic ambient music full of flickering chords and motives? The rhythms are juxtaposed against blossoming sonic glimpses to root, extend and make an impression. The result is magniloquent and deep enough at the same time.      

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