Thursday, April 16, 2015

Elbee – Visions Of Vactrols (2014)

/Downtempo, Experimental electronica, IDM, Sampledelic, Experimental techno/

Comment: Lloyd Barrett aka Elbee reveals his craftiness to scan different sonic pallettes and realms. Actually it is quite puzzling to find out the word to describe this dizzying whole. More concretely, it is replete with an innumerable amount of twists and dodges – from world music and New Age inspired breezes to more dark hued electro and alien-like breakbeat outfits, from cerebral yet catchy techno propulsions to compelling electronic appearances. At times the cadence is deliberately downshifted to create even more confusing, spaced-out feeling. However, the issue will be finished off with The Indexilarm Dimension which chimes like a modern classical piece created by the cyborgs. In a word, it is a great work released on Wood & Wire. 
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