Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Twisted Freak – We Play With Time (2014)

/Dub, Minimal dub, Experimental techno, Electronic pop/

Comment: Twisted Freak is a Portuguese musician Josè Silva whose 8-track issue is a wondrous listening experience. It could have been a prominent dance music album if some accents would have been presented a little bit differently. It could have been a prominent nu jazz album if it would have resorted to more languid sonic peals. In a word, the release involves many sonic spots and figures to reveal its huge possibility. However, the actual issue is bigger than its possibilities, though. More concretely, sultry dub induced echoes and spaced-out soundscapes are crossed with slinky techno rhythms which would have resulted in suggestive electronic pop alike compositions at times (Come Mellow, Love Is Fine). The album will be finished off with an indie electronic refraction called Time: Perception.  In a nutshell, the result is amazing. It is a part of the discography of Zigur Artists.    
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