Sunday, March 1, 2015

Sanmi - Junkie (2013)

/Experimental electronica, Sampledelic, Leftfield, Hauntology, Sound collage/

Comment: obviously it is not the first attempt to ridicule serious pop music attitude on its very own core. Japanese artist Sanmi exploits only some syllables or words or phrases to underline a peculiar atmosphere predominantly hanging over a whole of consisting of 4 compositions. On the other side, this word based context (having hints at licking at a candybar and hipsters who used to bear an attitude of musical junkies) is backed up by austere, looped bass rhythms which used to ignite a spooky milieu to come forth. It might be inspired either by The Caretaker, by Cassetteboy, horror/sci-fi movies or something else but the result is quite idiosyncratic and unquestionably thought-provoking listening.The issue is a part of elementperspective, an experimental/electronic music label from Nippon.           
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