Sunday, March 1, 2015

Protuberance – Dimension And Breaks (2013)

/Deep house, Space music, New Age, Psytrance, Big beat, Crossover, Electronica/

Comment: indeed, it can say that the title of Bulgarian Ilevan Iliev`s 7-track issue justifies its name and intention. The album provides the journey through labyrinthine rhythmic plateaus and profound and more light-hearted synth based explorations. The modernity is juxtaposed against old-fashioned sonic appearances (they are rather classic ones, though). More profoundly, genuine spaced-out progressions, spiky rhythmic promontories and proper deep house vibes are laid out to be jettisoned in favour of languid New Age-y progressions and tribal electronic/trance examples (proper ones to be presented at WOMAD either). And vice versa. The favourite track of mine is Solar Corona, a fascinating composition created for completing your space journey. It is a hortative listening for sure. 
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