Saturday, March 14, 2015

Bauri - rwb004 (2004)

/Remix, Electronic pop, Post-rock, Experimental rock, Alternative dance, Synth pop/

Comment: this issue contains a couple of tracks both of them are remixes on their own. The first of them is a Bauri´s remake with the assistance of glitteringly dreamy synthesizers and bouncy sequencing being laid out somewhere in between the dance floor and private pop listening. The other one is Erik Levander`s post-rock-ish insight through low-key guitar chords, vinyl-alike crackle drenched background and some seductive vowel effects. The result is an astonishing bound of an electronic/dance music and experimental rock output. The issue is a part of Racewillbegin, a Swedish record label which had existed in the first half of 00s. 
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