Sunday, January 4, 2015

CKKO40 - Kito Sounds 6 (2014)

/Electro-indie, Alternative dance, Downtempo, Electro pop, New Wave, Dub, Electronic pop, Techno pop, Synth wave, Minimal wave, Kraut-electro, Alternative pop/

Comment: CHEZ.KITO.KAT Records is a French label which set off in 2006 to promote mind-provoking electronic pop music. The recent compilation involves 17 pieces by such artists as Artabana, Synthesis, Beat For Sale, Jürgen Jogurt, Binary & Dyslexic, Det90, E1000, Mr Bios, Shizuka, Kuston Beater, In Circles, Alexandre Martinez, No Drum No Moog, Dr Geo, Daily Vacation, Arbee, Bochum Ludmila. The compilation is outstanding because of going out on a limb with regard to traditional synth pop and electronic pop music examples springing to mind. Why? There can be drawn parallels upon such movements as minimal wave, post-punk, spaced-out synthesizer rock, dub, and krautrock which definitely would have impact on the abovementioned artists in a more or lesser extent. Although the music presented there is ambitious it does not sacrify its emotional side. Get in those 80 minutes to get a parallel world for yourself.      
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