Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Some best albums in 2014

Aden Ohm - La Loi De Morphine (Pavillon36-Recordings)
Panda Eyes - Dream Police (Self-released)
Golden Glow - Beauty/Duty (Bleeding Gold)
Asian Women On The Telephone - You Have Reached Your Destination (Self-released)
Foxes In Fiction - Ontario Gothic (Orchid Tapes)
Cosmen Adelaida - La Foto Fantasma (Self-released)
Ester Poland - Sleipnir (Wooden Sherpa)
Nomsei - Epos of Loneliness (Noiseu)
Faerùn - The Night (Test Tube)
Klaus Marten - Master Tape (Self-released)
Javier Rubio - Cine Roma (Miga)
Ester Poland - Sleipnir (Wooden Sherpa)
Golgotha Communications Ltd.Wine, Women and Song Pt2 (HAZE)
M.Geddes Gengras - Ishi (Stones Throw / Leaving)
Huey - Ace (Sinewave)
The Mussy Gluves - Pelu Green Puns (Death Roots Syndicate)
EDASI - Orphaned Demon Follow Your Destiny (Dipsomaniac)
EUS Reviraje (BLWBCK)
Wood Spider - Decadence (Self-released)
Scott Lawlor - The Absence of Light Contains the Shadow of Loss (Buddhist On Fire)
Vaiko Eplik - Nõgesed (Mortimer Snerd)
Data SnowPhases (2014) (Textural-Records)
6SISSIn Pallid Nights (Entity)
NightWake - Relation (Deadknife)
Dancing Deadlips - Song of the Flight (Self-released)
Centauri - Centauri (Lepers)
The Fucked Up Beat - Investigates Strange Weather Patterns and the UFO Cults of Cold War Nevada (Self-released)
Infirm Individual Agoraphobia (Self-released)
The Japanese Girl - A Tea With Twiggy Kasumi (Self-released)
Death Grips - Niggas On The Moon (This Worlds/Harvest)
guitarsisyo Life Is Dictionary (Tanukineiri)
Jim Lace/Alex NovaTwists (Pan Y Rosas Discos)
TFSL - Tales From The Sleeping Land (Mahorka)
Hans Laguna - Deletrea (Delhotel)
Miami SliceBrooklyn 2 Brooklyn EP (Midnight Side)
Aairria - Abyss (Rain)
YlangYlang - Am I Being Overdramatic? (Self-released)
Rama The Rad - Rama The Rad (Weakie Discs)
Cement0 - No Man`s Land (Wavelike)
Natural Snow Buildings - The Night Country (Vulpiano)
Iris Garrelfs - Breathing Through Wires (Pan Y Rosas Discos)
Mudlark Zimdahl (Wood &  Wine)
Twyxu - At Dawn And Dusk You Come (Laverna)
plusplus - Psycho (La bèl)
Cinchel - Reign Water (Subterranean Tide)
Elbee - Visions Of Vactrols (Wood & Wire)
The Stepkids - Wanderers (Stones Throw)
fydhws - The Sound (four movements in the key of D) (NGC 147)
Cybernetika - Solar Nexus (Ektoplazm)
Surfacing - Surfacing (Records On Ribs)
Tracing ArcsWasteland (23 Seconds)
The Easton Ellises - NightWavs (Enoughrecords/Jamendo)
Mystified - Cardboard Hotel Revisited (Webbed Hand)
This Lonely Crowd - Möbius And The Healing Process (Sinewave)
mnttaB - 3CR Session July 2014 (Self-released)
Tunguska Electronic Music Society - Siberian Jungle Vol. 5 (Jamendo)
Jonas Kocher/Gaudenz Badrutt - Cinema Rex (Insub.)
Chinese Cookie Poets (Self-released)
Hassan K. - Talab (Darling Dada)
Infirm Individual - Spiritual Blackout (Self-released)
PA - 14.05.14 Thru (Take Pills Die)

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