Sunday, December 7, 2014

LeeM – 404 Error EP(2013)

/Chilltronica, Alternative pop, Synth fusion, Indietronica, Mood music, Electronic pop, Synth funk/

Comment: London, UK-based Toby Leeming aka ANON aka LeeM´s 6-track issue is a graceful amalgamation of chirpy synth funk progressions and chilltronic anthems. Undoubtedly there are up some strong indie music influences which isn`t surprising at all regarding the British indie scene awesome tradition (for instance, Swings & Roundabouts getting quite close to Four Tet`s aesthetics; Amen is a mesmeric ambient tinged poptronic hover). Beatific synthesised plateaus used to rotate around funky paces in a spinning motion which in turn change their shape to create some new rhythmic patterns or seamlessly arrive at old ones in a way to prove diverting. In a word, the result is craftily balanced yet providing an effective found to the listener`s soul and body.                   
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