Thursday, December 4, 2014

Кровавая Соска & Колхозный Jazz-PUNK & vzlproj & ЭкшN & Fecvlt & Бригада Жестокого Романтика - Жанна Фриске Должна Сдохнуть (2014)

/Primitive music, Eurodance, Harsh noise, Digital hardcore, Conceptual/

Comment: indeed, this 6-track album is a conceptual one because of being inspired by the fatal brain cancer (glioblastoma multiforme) of Žanna Friske, a Russian pop singer and TV host. On the other side, by knowing very well hatred and misanthropic and anti-pop concepts of Popsakal Records it is not surprising at all to be resulted in mocking the singer in a serious way. Musically, it embraces different genres – from harsh digital hardcore to plundering gimcrack Eurodance pop snippets (which were so popular in the 90s in Russia) to mutilate it with pitch effects and creating a frantic, one sample based rhythm ridden track, and a hard rock riff based track. The album also reflects upon rage against the sluts and fondness for hinting at scatophilia in their compositions. In a word, this pill would be very devastating for Žanna. 
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