Saturday, November 8, 2014

Kamutao – Mondo Voyage (2013)

/Nu jazz, Sampledelic, Hip-hop, Mood music, Exotica pop, Trip-hop, Cuban music, Downtempo, Cinematic/

Comment: similarly to a recently reviewed album, Morriachi`s The Outer Sphere EP (2011, Dusted Wax Kingdom) the Barcelona-based artist Kamutao affords for the listener to say similar adjectives to describe the sound. The artist himself describes his music as an example of travelling music (watch the title either!). Indeed, his soothing, mostly jazz samples and loosely skidding rhythms based print provides a good, sublime feeling for the melomans (and the travellers as well). Of course, such kind of music is all about details and whitebaits and it can be described as a permanent experiment to `pile up` different sonic bits to figure out what will be happening with the listener`s sense and perception. Undoubtedly this 18-track album is fairly emotive because of coquetting with yearning whiffs and past loaded beauty. In a word, the album seems to be full-fledged and convincing. The album is issued on a Mexico-based label, PIR▲.MD Records.                  
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