Thursday, November 6, 2014

HIJ▲ – No (2012)

/Alternative rock, Baroque pop, Avant-garde, Shoegaze, Experimental pop, Indietronica/

Comment: Mayra Yasmin Harazatey aka HIJ▲is a frenetic chic from Argentina whose 5-track issue is a hectic amalgamation of hirsute guitar progressions, psychedelic synthesizers, warped and uncanny electronics, mutant vocals and sonic/stereo effects and bristled baroque-alike dodges and panoramas. Stylistically her spectre extends from shoegaze and blues-induced slaps to more dada influenced cabaret music. However, at times her soundscape will be calmed down speaking in the language of murmurs and through the interaction of lone chords (the first half at No Te Creas). By kindred souls there can be drawn parallels upon the likes of PJ Harvey, Laurie Anderson, Maja Ratkje, and Juana Molina, for instance. It is cutting edge for sure.       
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