Wednesday, October 15, 2014

Jankenpopp - Zombie Media (2013)

/Chiptune, Nintendocore, Hip-hop, 8-bit, Breakcore, Tracker music, Noise, Chipbreak, Robot pop, Bitpop, Electro pop/

Comment: although tracker music/8-bit/chiptune was one of the first genres in music conjured with computers it is still actual and up-to-date after 25-30 years either. Jankenpopp`s 4-track issue is a protuberant exemplar of it – the result is a droid-alike one where machines have been set up in a way to rap and perform their angular dancing movements in a hectic way. However, they will be evolving into autarkic state stepwise revealing their cutting-edge tendencies to bestow noise impulses and disintegrated electro debris to the pot. Of course, the extra point comes with adding some humorous aspects to the whole. In a nutshell, the outlet is amusing, still human-friendly (or not yet misanthropic) and challenging to get infatuated and switch on the repeat button. Timeless stuff.              
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