Friday, October 17, 2014

Ginnels - Mountbatten Class (2011)

/Power pop, Electronic, Jangle pop, Alternative rock, Psychedelic rock, Shitgaze, Indie pop/

Comment: given that The Smiths and My Bloody Valentine are being the juggernauts within the modern/alternative pop/indie rock scene it can say the Irishmen can trash and are able to rock our socks off. Ginnels, a Dublin-based project is a nice exemplar of it – it oozes out much refreshing power and hortative energy to give the listener a galvanized feel. More profoundly, the collective used to shift in a modern rock landscape moving from power pop esque muscle presentation and exuberant indie walkabouts with uplifting harmonic solutions to more electronic drenched noisy templates (Kuwait) and gritty low-key shoegaze (or just shitgaze) beams (Cold Legs) and even some Celtic ethnic music chips (Same Same, Cold Legs). There are up 8 tracks, though, all of them are relatively short-running (the total time of 18.11). In a nutshell, the result is straightforward yet convincing. Top notch.                   

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