Friday, October 17, 2014

Echo Chamber Rope Tick – Oktober Sound Lab (2013)

/Psych-rock, Avant-rock, Drone rock, Psychedelia, Dream folk, Post-punk, Raga music, Experimental rock, Experimental electronica, Krautfolk, Space folk, Experimentalism, Krautrock, Psych-folk, Electro-acoustic, Indie rock, Trance rock, Art rock, Improvised music/

Comment: Andy Nation, Seamo Teare, and Simon Mathewson come from Southwest England to present a smorgasbord of 12 tracks extending over 70 minutes in total. More concretely, they have extracted some thought-provoking elements from different and mostly peripheral musical genres to result in a mellow outlet. The listener can perceive 60s acid folk inspired spaced-out trips, transcendent raga motives, dada-alike vocal pastiches, knee-deep psychedelic music conjured aesthetic freedom, 70s krautrock induced repetitiveness and high-pitched electronic effects, and 80s post-punk-esque insolence and arrogance in full flight. By method, however, the trio`s music can be considered rather jazz music because their soundscape used to be in permanent motion and affording an innumerable amount of disparate changes throughout. By kindred souls there can be drawn parallels upon the likes of The Fall, Kemialliset Ystävät, Gong, New Mystikal Troubadours, The Japanese Girl, early Kraftwerk (especially the albums Kraftwerk 1, and Kraftwerk 2), Ashtray Navigations, Children Of The Drone, for instance. By the way, the issue was released under Chinstrap, which is curated by a famous plunderphonics/sound collage musician, Ergo Phizmiz. All in all, although the result is truly off-kilter, it sustains the level throughout the course.
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