Sunday, October 19, 2014


/Noise, Rhythmic noise, Dark ambient, Non-music, Power electronics, Illbient, Industrial, Experimental electronica, Psycho-acoustic, Avant-garde, Experimentalism/

Comment: I find any album dig out from the past is worth to be re-issued and analysed and further to put it into the adequate historical context. And those people and labels and bloggers who have revised old music are worth to be honoured. More concretely, this 13-track issue is re-released under CS Industrial 1982-2010 (firstly issued in 1999 under OLEUM product) whose purpose is to bring forth noise and industrial music in Czech and Slovakian Republic (as Czechoslovakia until 1993) from the above mentioned period of time. Roman Černý spawned result is wondrous – it sounds like an oeuvre by an industrial worker who has disillusioned regarding the future and perceives indescribable anxiety and psychic distress. By aesthetical aspect the outlet is mesmeric due to organic merge between harsh industrial music and brown/and black noise, between and pulsatory drone snippets and circumspectly fluttering damaged ambient music (read: illbient, dark ambient) and pounding power electronic appearances and incisive experimental electronic explorations and ghostly spoken word snippets filled with shrieks and gloomy murmurs. However, those warm analogue sounds do balance harsh nature of the album. In a word, the effect is overwhelmingly mind-provoking and magnetizing.                     
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